A History of Jacob Philip Schaffer, Emotional Ancestor and Time Traveling, Godfather of Jacob Schaffer and Philip Schaffer

Jacob Philip Schaffer

was born to immigrant parents
and a legacy of hardship, a history

of kidnappings and pogroms

which could only be washed clean
by shoving

The Schaffers
started small;
an apartment
with a bed
for the parents
and a drawer
for little Jacob
Philip to sleep in

It was something to dig into. A place to store hardship
so deep in the ground, that when it finally found
its way back out, it would look

like corn,

or a classroom,

But in all of its hard earned beauty, the land
weighed heavy on the shoulders of Jacob Philip when both
his parents passed, his father too strong not to follow his wife
from this world.
It was in this way that Jacob Philip learned loving;
and on the day of his father’s funeral swore to be


for the woman he would marry.
Hard work is contagious,
in land and in love

has histories that scorch the earth.

But Jacob Philip was taught that the harvest
is worth more than the

And it took a lot of land

for Jacob Philip to finally harvest.
It took years of digging.

By the time he was strong enough
to rip his heart back from the ground,
he had cultivated
a dowry 3 times the size
of what his father died with .

By working hard at it,

Jacob Philip Schaffer was able
to see beauty pour from the ground
where he once hide his sorrow.

And when he too
was buried deep in the earth,
it was clear that the harvest
of a good life
was well won.

His children too now
are given the choice:

to grow and to work,
to make beauty

from all of this suffering.